Charmillion Hotels & Resorts manage a unique collection of four all-inclusive resorts

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Discover Facilities of Charmillion Resorts


All rooms in our four resorts are built to satisfy your need to refresh and relax in a luxurious setting that is considered a comfortable haven far away from the stress and exhaustion of the city.

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When it comes to dining, each Charmillion resort offers a diverse selection filled with tasteful cuisines from around the world. With our 3 in 1 dine around concept, you have access to a world of international culinary journeys and bars of all Charmillion resorts with your choice of bed and breakfast, half-board or full-board.

Activities & Entertainment

Your stay at Charmillion is guaranteed to be an unforgettable adventure. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling alone or with your loved ones, Charmillion entertainment programs are various and customized to different interests to guarantee you the time of your lives.

Charmillion Entertainment


Charmillion Resorts offer a diversity of activities that vary throughout the week and include different shows, acts, and competitions such as “Belly Dancer Performance”, ” Miss Hotel”, ”International Shows,” “Best Couple”, “Karaoke'', “Comedy Show” and “Dance Show”.

Charmillion Diving Center

Diving Center

Explore the wonders of the red sea with Charmillion’s Diving Center, our expert guide you into discovering a whole new world of wonderful sea life and enjoying a mindblowing view of coral reefs.

Charmillion Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts

Tennis enthusiasts get to enjoy their stay at Charmillion with the highest standard tennis courts they need to fulfill their practice experience as well as have fun.

Charmillion Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Bring your loved ones together to get competitive and play a fun game of ping pong at Charmillion Resorts.

Charmillion Mini Football Pitch

Mini Football Pitch

Get active and enjoy a football game during your stay at Charmillion resorts on an extremely sturdy, safe and durable pitch.

Charmillion Entertainment

Water Sports

Whether you’re in for an adrenaline kick, or you prefer something more chill, there’s sure to be the perfect water sport for everyone at Charmillion Resorts.

Charmillion Services

Whichever resort you choose to spend your holiday at Charmillion, you’ll find yourself surrounded with top notch services all day long. Our guest service center is available 24 hrs. You’ll also get to enjoy a range of facilities including beauty salons, medical services, babysitting, different courts, banking services and ATMs, laundry, taxi and shuttle buses, shopping, and more!

Variety of Restaurants
Swimming Pools
Natural Gardens
Spa & Health Club
ATM & Money Exchange
Special Needs Room
Free Car Parking

Enjoy your next vacation even more.